Stephen Olney Elementary

1378 Douglas Avenue, North Providence, RI 02904
Phone: (401) 233-1160  |  Fax: (401) 618-5631

Principal:  Janine Napolitano

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Grade 2

Second-grade at Stephen Olney is a time when students hit several milestones academically and socially, and become more well-rounded learners as they tackle new challenges, a wider range of academic work, and use active thinking and research like never before. Our students grow rapidly in 2nd-grade while absorbing new curriculum across all disciplines, but also subconsciously learn about life in the meantime.

Students absorb different types of literature, are immersed in scientific experiments, and dig into the roots of math problems. They build stronger friendships with their classmates and fellow students, are eager to participate in the wider school community, and find exhilaration in their education.


Grade 2 Mathematics

Correct answers are great. Understanding what it takes to find the correct answer is better. In Stephen Olney 2nd-grade classrooms, the “how” and “why” is explained, not just the “what.” Students learn to master math while seeing the endless ways math is applicable to everyday life. Process is everything when it comes to math, and our tireless educators work with students to guide them through steps from beginning to end of math problems. Confidence is key when it comes to approaching rigorous math work and analyzing variables.

Addition and subtraction are introduced in 2nd-grade, and students start to comprehend and identify math in their surroundings – with clocks, money, traveling, and schedules. If math is a game, math concepts paired with excitement are the rules at Stephen Olney. With practice and persistence, 2nd-grade students are better prepared to handle more complex math topics come 3rd-grade. We meet students where they’re at to ensure math strategies and techniques make sense, and help build their love for math.

Grade 2 English Language Arts

Students’ days in 2nd-grade are booked. Whether they’re deconstructing a story, brainstorming ideas for a creative written piece, or asking a classmate what they thought of a book, Stephen Olney 2nd-grade students are busy being narrators, authors, book reviewers, and writers. They read aloud, boosting their confidence. Students also begin to read very independently, boosting their self-sufficiency. They spend quality time assessing stories, and in turn, become better writers themselves.

Our educators provide a blend of direction and autonomy, so students learn to navigate through literacy and English Language Arts as if it’s a game – and many times, it can be. Our teachers make sure learning about literacy is fun and interactive, and something students will enjoy working on. Students improve drastically in their public speaking skills and reading comprehension, and their responses to text are deeper.

Grade 2 Science

Science at Stephen Olney is out of this world. In 2nd-grade classrooms, students are not only learning about the natural wonders of Earth, but beyond. They learn that while the world is huge and filled with wonder, so is the universe. Beyond the sky is the limit for our students, who learn about the importance of asking “how” and “why” when experimenting and exploring. Educators at Stephen Olney inspire students to ask more questions, dig deeper, and take charge with their curiosity.

Our students are the future Jane Goodalls, Elon Musks, and Bill Gates’ of the world. We foster scientific skills at a young age to help our students prepare to lead the world with research, informative dialogue, and most importantly, the creativity and confidence to keep exploring. Second-grade students gain independence in their scientific investigations, strengthening their critical thinking and decision making. A passion for the natural world skyrockets in 2nd-grade classrooms.

Grade 2 Social Studies

When broken down into basic terms, social studies is the study of people. What does a 2nd-grade student do all day, naturally? Study people. Students are consistently curious about their peers, educators, and individuals that make up their communities. We tap into that desire to know, and show students that they can learn best about other cultures, heritages, and customs by listening and immersing themselves in multicultural learning.

Culturally relevant material that is sensitive in nature but also captivating is taught in 2nd-grade classrooms at Stephen Olney, where students learn about regions around the globe and historical turning points. Impact is a theme we teach at Stephen Olney, and it becomes more than just a vocabulary word as students begin to learn about how government and societal structures affect the daily lives.

Grade 2 Teachers

Mrs. Leslie Lancia

Mrs. Joan Reddy

Judith Daly: