Stephen Olney Elementary

1378 Douglas Avenue, North Providence, RI 02904
Phone: (401) 233-1160  |  Fax: (401) 618-5631

Principal:  Janine Napolitano

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Grade 3

In 3rd-grade at Stephen Olney, students know what letters and numbers truly mean. Writing and reading becomes fluent. Students immerse themselves in science, and form a deeper understanding of math concepts. Expanding their literacy knowledge, students make the shift from learning to read to reading to learn. In 3rd-grade, we watch as students grow more independent, and become free-thinkers.


Grade 3 Mathematics

Third-grade students at Stephen Olney crack the code. Many times, literally. While math becomes more complex in 3rd-grade, our educators accommodate each individual student to help them learn at their own pace. Personalized learning is important to us at Stephen Olney, and all rigorous work given to students is paired with support from educators that helps students steer their way through math courses.

Multiplication, division, place value, and fractions are all introduced to our 3rd-grade students, and our teachers embody all the necessary traits to help children through this new content: Patience, tireless energy, and commitment to student success. Through activities, group collaboration, and individual work, students strengthen their collection, interpretation, and explanation of data skills.

Grade 3 English and Language Arts

Students don’t need a bookmark to know their place in literacy – they’re all over the place, sifting through a wide array of literature ranging from news stories and poetry to fiction and non-fiction books. In 3rd-grade at Stephen Olney, students begin to stumble on their favorite genres, and make passionate connections to the text they’re reading. With a combination of assigned reading and writing with “free write” projects and self-selection of books, we promote a lifestyle of reading and writing.

Students become stronger public speakers, more independent in their book selection, and more analytical of text. Children also take on the roles of characters in these books, and better visualize the stories they are reading. They relate characters to people they know, and use personification to pull readers into the stories they pen.

Grade 3 Science

Here comes the boom. Third-grade scientists have figurative fireworks going off in their brains as they examine, collect, and clarify data. Students at Stephen Olney act as investigators, magnifying anything that interests them. They unpack information, and examine it like evidence of a case. The content students are learning show them the way things work – like electricity, light, speed, and coding.

While much of the material students are learning in 3rd-grade science is conceptual, our dedicated instructors make sure these topics are relevant in the minds of students and that the way science is taught is engaging.

Grade 3 Social Studies

“X” marks the spot. Stephen Olney 3rd-grade students explore with maps, visualizing different countries and points of interest, and see how though their spot on the globe is microscopic, their place in the global society matters. Students learn about humanities, geography, history, and government in ways that also help them learn more about “self,” and their own family celebrations and traditions.

With thoughtful literature and class projects, students form an appreciation for what it means to be a citizen of the Stephen Olney community and their hometown. Students are encouraged to ask questions about customs and origins, and their passion for our interconnected world peaks in 3rd-grade.

Grade 3 Teachers

Mrs. Frances Marshall

Mrs. Cristina Brothers

Melissa Bradford: