Stephen Olney Elementary

1378 Douglas Avenue, North Providence, RI 02904
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Principal:  Janine Napolitano

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Grade 4

The 4th-grade scholastic journey sees to it that Stephen Olney students become more efficient researchers, more articulate writers, sharper thinkers, and more self-assured of their many abilities. With in-depth workshops, hands-on lessons, enriching content, and fueled conversations about science, math, digital literacy, writing, reading, and expression, students are inspired and ready to learn. Educators help mold students into future leaders, and their future starts here at Stephen Olney where students are in charge of their learning.


Grade 4 Mathematics

If learning about necessary math concepts is the problem in question, 4th-grade instruction at Stephen Olney is the solution. Our students become fluent in math, which can be considered its own language. Our educators build on the strong foundation of math skills students have already constructed from a young age at Stephen Olney, and children dig their heels into concepts being taught. 

Once students reach 4th-grade at Stephen Olney, they can better self-direct themselves through their math class work, and our educators work with them to identify mistakes to learn from in their problem-solving process. At Stephen Olney, we help students steer through any struggles they have when tackling math problems and use them as teaching opportunities that help students continue to take the lead of their education.

Grade 4 English Language Arts

Call it shelf awareness. Fourth-grade students at Stephen Olney make mental notes that stories are constantly surrounding them. Stories exist when friends talk on the playground, during group discussions in the classroom, at the grocery store when running into acquaintances, while reading books, and asking questions like, “why?”

All of these daily routines cultivate strong language and communication skills, and students learn through essay writing, reading more complex literature, and answering prompts with more detail. Students sculpt their creativity in 4th-grade, and make real-world connections with the stories they read and share in class. At Stephen Olney, students take hold of their imaginations.

Grade 4 Science

What’s the wingspan of a 4th-grader? Your child might just come home from school telling you this information, and asking to measure your wingspan. Learning about science in Stephen Olney classrooms helps students take flight into the scientific method to a new degree – they’re experimenting and analyzing more than ever before, and the research they compile becomes more detail-oriented.

Students start to look at all the objects around them in terms of “how they work,” and “what makes it go.” At Stephen Olney, our teachers embody what it means to be a scientist: They are always asking students how they came up with their answers, what data they have to back up their work, what they’ll try next, and stay curious. We know that curiosity is contagious, and fostering wonderment in the classroom benefits students well outside the classroom walls.

Grade 4 Social Studies

Facts matter. So do questions. In 4th-grade at Stephen Olney, students better understand what service to community means, how government structures are organized, and the role social responsibility plays in societies around the globe. Fourth-grade students pair research with visual materials and productive dialogue to better understand what’s behind a timeline, see from different perspectives, and learn about more than just the titles of historical documents “Constitution” or “Declaration of Independence.”

Students grow an appreciation and respect for multiculturalism and how differences shape the globe. They learn with fascinating “journeys through time” materials that provoke intellectual thoughts, constructive discussions, and deeper knowledge of what history means. Most importantly, our students are generating ideas to make the world a better place by learning from history and striving for a better future.

Grade 4 Teachers

Mrs. Melissa D’Amico

Mrs. Cathy Zirilli

Julie Davia: