Stephen Olney Elementary

1378 Douglas Avenue, North Providence, RI 02904
Phone: (401) 233-1160  |  Fax: (401) 618-5631

Principal:  Janine Napolitano

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Grade 5

In their final year at Stephen Olney, students have developed and continue to strengthen their love of learning, reading, experimenting, and solving. They have also grown dramatically socially, emotionally, and academically. As the “leaders of the school,” they know what it means to be a contributing member of the Stephen Olney community, and see how much they’ve learned throughout their years in elementary school. They take pride in their education.

Our educators ensure our students are well-prepared for their middle school experience, by helping them polish their varied skill sets, further define their articulation, better communicate and interact with their peers, and hone in on their passions. The road to success has been paved in elementary school, and we know our students will continue to construct that road as they move forward in their education and life.


Grade 5 Mathematics

The odds are in 5th-grade students’ favor at Stephen Olney, where educators guide them through coding, calculating, analyzing statistics, using deductive reasoning, and making their way through complex equations. Our teachers prove to students why these math lessons and concepts matter, and how they are an integral part of the world around them. We show students that math is needed for everything from construction to planning a family party, where measuring, making purchases, and figuring in quantities is essential.

In preparation for middle school math, our students learn how to solve variables, identify how errors happened and how to correct them when figuring out math problems, and truly comprehend the subject itself.

Grade 5 English Language Arts

Students in 5th-grade at Stephen Olney look at literature as both an art and science – they can break down literature puzzles and deconstruct stories and their meanings, and appreciate stories like they do with art. Their level of personal expression shifts in 5th-grade, where they dive deeper into their own writing styles, preferred reading materials, and presentation skills. They’ve not only been able to identify the areas they need to review and edit of their own written works, but look forward to improving their writing before sharing with their classmates and teachers.

Students have expanded their vocabulary and understanding of the power of words dramatically by 5th-grade, and are thrilled to learn new phrases, terms, and vocabulary they can share in their writing and in conversations. Don’t be surprised if your child comes home from school blurting out several new words and what they mean, or find ways to incorporate new and exciting vocabulary into their routine.

Grade 5 Science

Theory: Stephen Olney 5th-grade students expand their scientific understanding and admiration for the natural world.

Supporting evidence: Students ask more inquisitive questions, show valid research and walk educators through how they found their responses to scientific prompts. They provide examples for how they made connections between variables, and specify what their findings mean and why they are significant. They are proud to be “junior stewards” of science.

Hypothesis: Fifth-grade students at Stephen Olney are now more versed in new subject areas, including ecology, geology, astronomy, and biology. They share their love for science and their surroundings with their peers, families, and educators, and continue to ask questions about “the way things work” to continue learning.

Grade 5 Social Studies

The globe means the world to 5th-grade students at Stephen Olney. Our students learn to value the lessons of the past, but also begin to see how their choices and role as community members have an impact on the future. Using age-appropriate curriculum and thoughtful ways of presenting content, educators teach students about social movements and serious moments in history that shaped current day society.

With a blend of hands-on projects, research work, group assignments, and work that requires students to work diligently and independently, 5th-grade students at Stephen Olney grow in their compassion and understanding for others with different socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. At our school, we’re not only teaching students about Social Studies and history, we’re molding more well-rounded individuals by providing eye-opening materials and instruction.

Grade 5 Teachers

Ms. Karen Baglini:

Mrs. Gina DeAngelis:

Christopher Pono: