Stephen Olney Elementary

1378 Douglas Avenue, North Providence, RI 02904
Phone: (401) 233-1160  |  Fax: (401) 618-5631

Principal:  Janine Napolitano

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In kindergarten at Stephen Olney, the educational “boom” happens. Students begin making connections to everything they’re learning, and look forward to expanding their knowledge. Their excitement is contagious, and they are quick to jump into interactive workshops, group discussions, and learn through one-on-one instruction with their teachers.

Kindergarten is a thrilling time where students gain independence, learn how to be a team player, and build their confidence. The kindergarten classroom is where our young students turn into scientists, mathematicians, readers, writers, artists, and musicians – all at the same time.


Kindergarten Mathematics

A classroom of students plus one Stephen Olney educator equals endless opportunities for our youngest learners to grasp math concepts including counting, numeracy, values, and measurements as well as basic mathematical terms.

Throughout the school day, Stephen Olney kindergarten students are surrounded by math – discussing shapes, patterns, and number sequences. They start to talk about these math concepts with their peers, using terms such as “more than,” “larger than,” and “greater than,” and math skills are woven into all subject areas. Children participate in engrossing activities that make math concepts “real” to them. Numbers are introduced in ways that peak students’ interests, and our innovative educators are constantly keeping with trends that keep math lessons relevant and applicable to students’ lives.

Kindergarten English Language Arts

Chapter one: Students at Stephen Olney in kindergarten have begun noticing literature in the world around them, not only in the stories they hear as teachers read aloud. Through a combination of writing and reading routines, engaging projects, and literacy discussions, students become accustomed to using English Language Arts across disciplines.

Basic phonics, pronunciation, alphabetic structure, and understanding of story elements start to take shape as students flip through the pages of their kindergarten education. Students act out characters from books they’re reading in class, learn about letter recognition through fun games, and boost their fine motor control, as educators set the foundation for reading and writing comprehension.

Kindergarten Science

Ready, set, go! Kindergarten students are always on the move, and are constantly experimenting with their surroundings. At Stephen Olney, we latch onto that drive to learn about the world, and show students the benefits of collecting data, analyzing scenarios, and making note of their findings. Though they are young, kindergarten students at Stephen Olney conduct their own research, and are excited to share that information with their peers.

Sometimes, that means they’re observing how a plant grows in the classroom. It can also mean watching objects in water to see if they float or sink, or what makes a magnet “stick.” Students make the shift in asking “why?” and start to question “how” things work.

Kindergarten Social Studies

In kindergarten classrooms at Stephen Olney, students are already becoming socially aware of their surroundings. Though they are some of the youngest learners in our school, make no mistake – they are learning about culture, paying attention to social structures, and becoming passionate about sharing their own heritage, family traditions, and stories with their classmates.

Students start to learn about historical figures and why those individuals were important to shifts in society, begin to learn about location and what a community represents: A collective of people working, learning, and living together. Students truly begin to feel a sense of belonging in their own community at Stephen Olney in kindergarten.

Kindergarten Teachers

Ms. Pompea Imondi

Ms. Alscyn Tests
Alacyn Tests

Cheryl Thibodeau: